Meet Our Team

Colin Barthelmy

Founder and Creative Head of Myridium Active Beauty

Colin, has been responsible for designing and creating a wide range of fragrance lines from high street fashion brands to prestige branding in the luxury market and is the owner of the Grazia Parfum licence. With over 30 years’ experience in product and packaging development, he has brought Grazia Parfum into this space with elegance and creativity with this debut fragrance for 2022.

Karine Dubreuil-Sereni

Senior Perfumer, Takasago

Karine was brought up in Grasse before training at Givaudan (formerly Roure), the perfumery school which has produced so many of the most famous perfumers. And today Karine is responsible for creating more than one hundred perfumes including Gucci, Azzaro, Mugler, and Guerlain. She is a true creator and inspiration for the Grazia Parfum signature scent.

Daniela Gerini

Dress Designer and Interior Decorator

Her creativity is sensitive to fields beyond fashion, seeking to engage with the dynamism of art and theatre. She has designed fashion collections, theatrical costumes and home decoration projects, all reflecting her consistent views on colour and shapes. Daniela has now collaborated with Grazia Parfum to create the distinctive iconic graphics which feature on the beautiful flacon and packaging.