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The global fashion scene welcomes a new sartorial signature fragrance, Grazia Parfum.

Smart and stylish, Grazia makes its first foray into the beauty category, launching its debut fragrance, Grazia Parfum Eau de Toilette, a warm floral with sparkling, citrus notes. This soft fruity scent adds a subtle twist to classic feminine florals – subverting trend-led perfumery and promising to make itself a forever staple in your fragrance wardrobe.With its Italian heritage, Grazia has effortlessly influenced the last 80 years of fashion and become a globally regarded fashion authority spanning 23 countries and through its editorial contents setting the global style agenda for sophisticated women everywhere – permeating seasons, styles, and trends. As a brand it attracts smart, opinionated, fashion savvy women and brings the spirit of everyday luxury. Now, in its beautifully bottled guise, it’s turning heads and pages again with its debut signature fragrance, that is sure to become a front row fixture.

Behind the bottle

The making of a future classic, Grazia’s first fragrance needed to empower the wearer with confidence and quality, which is why you’ll notice top notes of Italian lemon spring from the first spritz. Fresh fruit including apple and blackcurrant add a touch of joyful sweetness that melts into a beautiful, blousy heart of white flowers including reseda – a springtime bloom – and peony which all give the juice its wearability. A touch of delicious fresh peach adds that addictiveness that keeps you coming back for one more spray. Base notes of sandalwood, white musk and cedar ground the fragrance without adding heaviness to the perfume, bringing a layer of sophistication and strength to the scent. The bottle itself is decorated with sartorial sketches from Milanese designer Daniela Gerini and finished with a classic faceted diamond cap.“Grazia means ‘grace’ in Italian, so I tried to create something that was joyful, happy and feminine” explains the nose behind the debut scent, perfumer Karine Dubreuil-Sereni of Takasago. “The perfume itself is filled with flowers – but very light, breezy flowers – and we’ve created something very fresh which you’ll want to keep spraying again and again. It makes you smile, it’s joy and it’s Grazia!”Grazia Parfum Eau de Toilette is presented in a 100ml bottle £48.00 and is available from graziaparfum.comGrazia Parfum has been brought to life through a licensing agreement between the Mondadori Group and the UK licence holder Myridium Active Beauty which specialises in bringing fashion brands into the realms of cosmetics and fragrance, adding new layers of creativity and extra levels of brand experience to their clients’ portfolios. Grazia joins an impressive line-up of premium partners including De Beers, Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Monsoon.“We’re delighted to have been able to capture the undeniable spirit of this iconic fashion forecaster, Grazia, and, in partnership with leading perfume house, Takasago Paris we have created an ultra-wearable scent that will be as trendsetting as its namesake, we’re sure. Following on from the launch of Grazia Parfum EDT, we plan to release multiple, exciting product extensions,” says Colin Barthelmy, Myridium Founder.


Grazia is the first 100% Italian fashion brand to extend its successful formula abroad with 21 editions worldwide in 23 countries, creating a dynamic publishing network.Published in Italy by the Mondadori Group, Grazia has remained an authority for over 80 years, setting the global style agenda for chic & sophisticated women everywhere. Grazia is synonymous with the “Made in Italy” tag and, through its deep-rooted values of design excellence & expertise, it has firmly established itself as the preferred advertising vehicle for global designer, fashion and beauty companies. Grazia is a trademark owned by the Mondadori Group

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